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Musicians, art performers, preachers, Marketing Strategists, so on & so forth have found in YouTube the most potential supporter to take them to the world highs of popularity and prosperity by taking up some promotional measures with YouTube, the most promising measure being the Comments of the viewers/listeners.

Below every display screen, there is a caption ‘add a public comment’ below which reads ‘comment’ along which lies a space for digital display showing the number of YouTube ‘comments’ every time a viewer clicks to ‘play’ and types up a comment in the prescribed Comment Box and posts forward.







How to Get Real Comments to Your Videos?

A concerned and committed viewer always takes a look at the posted ‘comments’ and the displayed number of ‘comments’ before opting for taking a view of the video.

So, YouTube ‘comments’ and the number of YT ‘comments ‘  are vital for the promotion of the concerned videos.


The mutuality of YouTube ‘commenting’ between you, the owner and promoter of the video and your valued viewer will give rise to more and more comments creating a strong bond of appreciation between you and your viewer/commenter.

You can increase numbers of comments to your video. You can buy YouTube comments service that will help to get more attention from viewers in a short time. 


 This all may impress upon you and your audience- general as well as ‘comment’-posing viewers/listeners- that you are getting popular day-by-day but it is not so because it is all transitory not fulfilling your aspiration of becoming worldwide famous.

Get Lots of Comments on YouTube Videos

It is best advised to buy YouTube ‘comments’ from a genuine service provider. A genuine service providing company is the one which provides long staying and sustainably highly working the number of YouTube ‘comments’ at an affordable price.

We are a genuine servicing company at Mixlikes providing the genuine number of YouTube ‘comments’ fulfilling above said parameters of genuine YouTube ‘comments’. We are fully equipped with the latest technologies and supported by competent professionals committed to delivering the things at the promised dot of Time.

Buy YouTube Comments to Increase YouTube Video Engagement

Apart from glorifying you up among the strongholds of your field of excellence and around the world as well, buying real YouTube comments will enrich you through signing up lucrative assignments offered by big recording and event managing companies worldwide.  

A caution is advised not to avail services of an unethical and fake service provider which provides soon decaying and poorly working number of YouTube ‘comments’ putting you in losses of time and money.

We are ahead of other companies in our policy of building up an enduring personal and professional relationship with our valued patrons. 

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